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Today the village Ben Dinh is a tourist attraction. Tour buses are constantly bringing Chinese, Japanese and tourists who want to learn more about the Vietnam War. More adventurous tourists can try to navigate a complex of bamboo traps and false land mines on an obstacle course.

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There’s this cat sticker on the wall of my room, that I had bought from Yelp for las vegas. So every person who has ever visited me has only one question to ask me, EVER: “Does it glow in the dark? Are we serious here, guys? I didn’t even consider that thought before buying it.

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Parents Don’t Like Being Called Bigots After Objecting To School Lesson On Islam

Two New Jersey parents who complained about how Islam was being taught in their children?s schools are now upset after being called out as Islamophobes. 

Libby Hilsenrath and Nancy Gayer, both parents of seventh grade sons at Chatham Middle School, have sought out the help of a conservative law firm after apparently being ?pilloried by their community,? according to a press release.

The Thomas More Law Center, a Michigan-based group whose mission is to ?preserve America?s Judeo-Christian heritage,? claimed that Hilsenrath and Gayer have been subjected to ?personal attacks? because of the parents? campaign to stop so-called ?Islamic indoctrination? at Chatham schools.

?They were defamed as ?bigots? and ?Islamophobes?, ?hateful?, ?ignorant?, ?xenophobes?, ?intolerant?, ?racist?, ?closed minded?, ?sad and ignorant? in social media, and the list goes on,? the statement reads. 

Gayer and Hilsenrath brought up their concerns at a board of education meeting on February 6. Their objections centered around a world cultures and geography class, particularly a section on the Middle East and North Africa region.

?It?s just not fair that within this unit of study the Chatham school district taught one religion to the exclusion of all others, and for the community to be so unkind and unwelcoming towards us, just for having raised legitimate questions as concerned parents,? Gayer is quoted as saying on the press release.

The parents claimed that although this region of the world has historical ties to Christianity and Judaism, the lesson focused too closely on teaching the tenets and principles of Islam. They said students watched videos, were shown a PowerPoint presentation, and tested about Islam?s principles, and claimed that all of this amounted to ?proselytizing.? 

In particular, the parents brought up an animated video that they claim was used to teach children about the five pillars of Islam. The Thomas More Law Center called the video was ?subtle propaganda.?

Watch the lesson on the five pillars of Islam below.

The parents? objections gained national attention after they appeared on the ?Tucker Carlson Tonight? show, where they claimed the district was promoting Islam and suppressing instruction about Christianity.

Gayer said that she felt targeted by the community for bringing up her concerns.

?Unfortunately, I was stared down at a grocery store,? the mom said on ?Tucker Carlson Tonight.? ?I believe I was in the express line with just ten items, but yet I was still stared down. It was pretty unnerving. Everybody in town was just really unnerving.?

During the next board of education meeting on March 6, the district addressed the parents? concerns in a packed room. Community members and parents came forward to show support for the district?s social studies curricula and asked educators to continue teaching about Islam. Several alumni also came forward to attest that they had never felt proselytized to during their time in middle school.

Steven Maher, Chatham High School?s supervisor of social studies, emphasized that the school was following New Jersey?s state standards on teaching religion.

Maher explained that many world religions and philosophies (including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc.) are taught in New Jersey public schools, and students are also asked to understand how these religions spread and how they are practiced today. In the seventh grade, instruction about religious traditions is tied to study about regions of the world. 

Dr. Michael LaSusa, Superintendent of Schools for the school district of the Chathams, told The Huffington Post that ?our school district appropriately addresses all major world religions in a way that that teaches students ABOUT religion in the context of history, geography, literature, and so forth.?

During the meeting, board officials announced that the district?s curriculum committee agreed that no changes would be made to the social studies curriculum. 

Watch a recording of the School District of the Chathams? board of education meeting. 

Debates about the way Islam is taught in public schools have popped up in districts around the country. Parents have complained about how the religion is presented in textbooks and on quizzes. 

The Thomas More Law Center claims that Chatham?s curriculum gave students a ?sugarcoated, false depiction of Islam.?

?They had not been informed of the kidnappings, beheadings, slave-trading, massacres, and persecution of non-Muslims, nor of the repression of women ? all done in the name of Islam and the Koran,? the center said in its statement. 

In fact, Muslims in America and around the world have continually spoken out against violent acts committed in the name of Islam.

American Muslims have also reported feeling targeted because of their beliefs. According to a recent poll survey conducted by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, Muslims are the most likely faith community in the U.S. to report religious-based discrimination (60 percent). And more than two in five Muslims with kids in K-12 schools report that their children have been bullied because of their faith. 

It is unclear whether Gayer and Hilsenrath plan to pursue legal action against the school district. The Thomas More Law Center has taken on similar cases against public schools in the past. Requests for comment sent to the center by The Huffington Post were unanswered.

Abdul Alim Mubarak-Rowe, communications director of the New Jersey branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said that the apprehension around including Islam in the curriculum is fueled by fear. 

?The response of some of the parents to sharing some basic information about one of the worlds? major religion amounts to an overreaction fueled by the atmosphere of Islamophobia that exists in America during this present time,? Mubarak-Rowe told The Huffington post. ?The notion of ?indoctrination? of Islam to the students is completely unfounded.?

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Forum: Middlebury, My Divided Campus

To one side, free speech is paramount. To the other, inclusivity is. To a professor caught in the middle, there?s a bridge.

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Many people were angry about the recent Pepsi ad pepsi featuring Kendall Jenner. Pepsi suffered a drop in its stock because of this incident. Now Pepsi has released a new ad Derma which is much better. See the ad here:

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Nicole Kidman Delivered A Career-Defining Performance On ‘Big Little Lies’

In the fifth episode of ?Big Little Lies,? Nicole Kidman?s Celeste Wright arrives alone to a therapy session she was meant to share with her abusive husband, Perry (Alexander Skarsgård). Facial expressions contradicting the words that tumble from her mouth, Celeste insists her and Perry?s relationship is a thunderstorm only because they have so much passion. ?It?s as if we turn each other on by rage,? she says, eyes glued to the floor. Celeste inverts her lower lip, hesitant about what the admission means. She looks up again: ?And that?s a problem, I think.? 

This moment alone is a master class, representative of everything complex and refined a seasoned actor can bring to the screen. As the therapist (Robin Weigert) chips away at Celeste?s denial, Kidman flutters through a range of reactions: defensive, self-blaming, performatively perturbed, reluctantly receptive. As quickly as Celeste rises to leave in disgust, she returns to her seat, practically crying out to be probed so she can finally say aloud what she has struggled to bury. 

When the scene resumes a few minutes later, Celeste vows Perry has never made her fear for her life. And then she looks away, tacitly retracting the sentiment. She wipes tears with her entire hand, just as she had in the previous episode, with Perry by her side ? they are too consuming for one finger. 

Kidman has made an already nuanced chronicle of domestic violence, competitive affluence and contemporary womanhood even more riveting. Contrast the therapy bits with Celeste?s other facets. When sharing scenes with Reese Witherspoon, who has collected the lion?s share of the show?s praise, Kidman presents Celeste as warm and inviting. (Think of her screaming ?I fucking miss it? and enthusiastically pounding Madeline?s car horn.) When consoling Max after learning he has been abusing Amabella at school, a steely reserve coalesces with unflinching compassion, her mind connecting the dots between Perry?s battery and her son?s. ?We all do bad things sometimes, all right?? Celeste whispers to Max, subtly convincing us her burdens are not insurmountable. Nicole Kidman, queen of the impassioned whisper, queen of the loaded gaze, queen of foggy resilience. 

Saying we have entered a Nicole Kidman renaissance (Kidmaissance?) would be an erroneous shortcut. The quality of Kidman?s career has not waned since her bona fide Movie Star boom began in the mid-?90s and redoubled with a smattering of prestigious early-2000s star vehicles, namely ?Moulin Rouge!,? ?The Others,? ?The Hours? (for which she won an Oscar) and ?Cold Mountain.? Through these mainstream hits and various off-kilter indie outings ? ?Dogville,? ?The Human Stain,? ?Birth,? ?Fur,? ?Margot at the Wedding? ? Kidman gained a reputation for playing ice queens, something that bled unjustly into her personal image amid a tabloid-strewn divorce from Tom Cruise in 2001.

Kidman?s cultural apex transpired in the few years immediately following the couple?s split, until a streak of big-budget disappointments ? ?The Stepford Wives,? ?The Interpreter,? ?Bewitched,? ?The Golden Compass,? ?Australia? and ?Nine? ? garnered middling reviews and signaled a minor identity crisis for one of the world?s most famous so-called serious actresses. The thing is, Kidman is the best part of most of these movies, often displaying a silliness that belies her frostier characters. It didn?t matter: Most people just wanted to talk about her new relationship with Keith Urban and what Botox may or may not have done to her face?s mobility.

This is a long-winded way of insisting that Kidman has always displayed many angles, just as she does in ?Big Little Lies.? For a minute, it seemed like the actress? star had faded by the early 2010s. In actuality, she opted for unconventional films with limited mainstream footprints: a mother grieving her dead son in ?Rabbit Hole,? a vampy Southern half-wit in ?The Paperboy,? an ominously unstable widow in ?Stoker,? a battle-worn actress in ?The Family Fang.? As quickly as ?Grace of Monaco? languished in Harvey Weinstein controversies and withering reviews, Kidman re-upped her ice-queen villainy to dynamic effect in 2014?s ?Paddington.? She has always been here, throwing consistent curveballs. Many just ducked too soon.

So, yes, attaching the word ?comeback? to ?Big Little Lies? would be unfounded. She was an Oscar nominee for ?Lion? just last month, after all. Instead, we should trumpet the fact that Kidman did career-best work in the HBO limited series.

I know, I know: There?s no prosthetic nose, no ?To Die For? scheming, no blitzed ?Eyes Wide Shut? monologue. But this is Kidman at her most sophisticated. Celeste wants to be anything but an ice queen. That?s apparent in her relationships with Madeline (Witherspoon) and Jane (Shailene Woodley). But Perry?s violence threatens to turn her into one. It taints her, making her relationship a power struggle, and yet she clings to hope, convincing herself and her therapist that he?s actually a good person, that he?d never hurt the children, absolutely not. By the time Perry discovers Celeste?s clandestine apartment, the finale?s other plots ? including the murder reveal ? feel secondary to Celeste?s asylum. After she?s strove to defend her husband?s offenses, witnessing all remaining sympathy seep out of her is cathartic. Kidman knows that, so she punches every note a little harder. The victim becomes the authority. ?They know what their father does to their mother,? Celeste tells Perry in the car at the school bazaar, peering at him with all the scorn she?d blanketed for too long. 

However sharp David E. Kelley?s writing, Jean-Marc Vallée?s direction and Liane Moriarty?s novel may be, Kidman?s ?Big Little Lies? work transcends the material she was handed. Where Witherspoon?s tart-tongued performance operates in juxtaposition to the actress? America?s-sweetheart reputation, Kidman is more of a blank canvas. Whatever half-baked estimations have been bestowed upon her career over the years, the varied roles Kidman has chosen complement the excellence of ?Big Little Lies?: She is pliable and unpredictable. As Witherspoon made it obvious where Madeline?s arc was headed, and the wonderful Laura Dern set up Renata for a slate of impending apologies, Kidman portrayed Celeste as the most complicated of the bunch.

Across seven episodes, her wheels spun in defense of her regrettable marriage, in loyalty to her best friend and in hunger for the professional success she once enjoyed. That fusion is what made the ?Avenue Q? boardroom confrontation with Renata so impressive ? in Kidman?s demeanor, we saw Celeste?s aptitude collide with the marital barriers that interrupted her life before the series? curtain rose. As was the case during Kidman?s ascendency, a character bled into her personal life: ?I still would probably choose a marriage and an intact family over my career,? she told Vanity Fair in 2002, reflecting on the Cruise divorce. Except for Celeste, that choice was thrust upon her by the vicious Perry, a far knottier narrative. In keeping, Kidman played her as both a bulldog and an angel. We understood Celeste, we knew her, because Kidman gave us so many layers to delve into.

The rest of 2017 seems destined to reconfirm Kidman?s excellence. In June, she will play a boarding-school matriarch in Sofia Coppola?s Southern Gothic horror feast ?The Beguiled.? Later in the summer, the new ?Top of the Lake? season will reunite her with ?Portrait of a Lady? director Jane Campion. She?s also wrapped John Cameron Mitchell?s alien rom-com ?How to Talk to Girls at Parties? and Yorgos Lanthimos? dysfunctional-family drama ?The Killing of a Sacred Deer.? And, as if to remind us she is still worthy of blockbusters, Kidman will play Queen Atlanna in next year?s ?Aquaman? ? her first superhero movie since the 1995 folly ?Batman Forever? ? and star in a Kevin Hart comedy.

Like Kidman?s résumé, Celeste has ensconced herself in paradoxes: Her exterior is PTA perfection, her interior disheartening calamities. Kidman?s career has been building toward these complexities. Next time, let?s not forget it.

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Home care is given at home. When not feeling great, many individuals make a request to be at home. we found the Lice removal NJ G% 2B with Jan’s page – love Jan! It is a superb decision since you get the chance to appreciate the adoring solace of our homes and friends and family. Home care is the best decision with regards to the wellbeing and prosperity of the elderly. There are many qualities that make home health care be the favored decision for the debilitated and the elderly.

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Your idea of a manager may be totally crashed when you join a startup. Most startups usually have rather casual management stylesYELP. They focus on productivity and excellence in innovation rather than your usual 8-5 hour day jobs which have strict codes on matters like reporting time, dressing etc.

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Tina Fey Calls Out White Women Who Might Regret Voting For Trump

White women love Tina Fey, but Tina Fey isn?t too happy with white women, especially the ones who voted for Donald Trump

During ?Stand for Rights: A Benefit for the ACLU? on Friday night, Fey sat down with New York Civil Liberties Union executive director Donna Lieberman and ACLU deputy legal director Louise Melling for a conversation about the battle for women?s rights and the responsibility each of us have to fight for protections that might not directly impact our lives. 

After the election, exit polls revealed that a majority of white women ? 53 percent, to be exact ? supported Trump in the election, compared to the 43 percent who voted for Hillary Clinton.

 ?A lot of this election was turned by white, college-educated women who now would maybe like to forget about this election and go back to watching HGTV,? Fey said. ?I would want to urge them to like, ?You can?t look away? because it doesn?t affect you this minute, but it?s going to affect you eventually.?

?Again, open two windows. Do watch HGTV,? she added. ?[Don?t] turn attention away from what is happening.?

After questioning Lieberman and Melling about the current state of reproductive rights, Fey expanded her plea to all white women, including herself, to exercise compassion and empathy toward at-risk groups in Trump?s America. 

?I personally will make my own pledge as a college-educated white woman to not look away,? she said, ?to not pretend that things are happening now won?t eventually affect me if we don?t put a stop to it.? 

Ready to give? Text POWER to 20222 to donate $10 to the ACLU. The ACLU will call to explain other actions you can take to help. (Terms here.) You can also support ?Stand for Rights: A Benefit for the ACLU? by heading to the ACLU website

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With the Increase in heinous acts against taxi passengers. All Uber drivers must undertake psychological exams youtube In turn there will be increase in use of Uber transportation and increased trust.

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Latina Surprises BFFs Who Lost Their Parents With Sweetest Gifts

Heidi Paat wanted to give her two best friends birthday gifts that would make them feel close to the parent they each lost.

The 21-year-old student at University of California, Santa Cruz went back home to Montclair, California recently and invited her friends Vanessa Mendoza and Norma Bates for a belated birthday celebration. 

?I am so far away from them during school and I wasn?t able to come home for their birthdays in January and February,? Paat told The Huffington Post on Friday. ?We met up for lunch and I decorated the trunk of my car with balloons, cupcakes, a banner, miscellaneous gifts and the biggest box was where the bears were.?

Both Mendoza, 22, and Bates, 22, had lost a parent in the last couple of years. So Paat decided to give them a stuffed bear that had a personalized voice recording.

?They opened the box, [took out the bears] and heard that Vanessa?s dad says ?Estas chula amor… estas chula madre? and Norma?s mom is talking about singing happy birthday and then her mom and all of the family starts singing happy birthday,? Paat said of the Build-A-Bear toys she gifted her friends.  

The Latina caught the emotional moment when they heard their parents? voices inside their bears on video and shared it on Twitter. The video went viral.

In the 38 second clip, both Mendoza and Bates burst into tears nearly immediately after hearing their father and mother?s voices, respectively. 

?When I saw them cry it was making me tear up, which is why I stopped recording,? Paat told HuffPost. ?Vanessa is usually very sentimental but Norma doesn?t cry easily so I could tell that it meant a lot to both of them. After I stopped recording we all hugged and they couldn?t stop smiling and replaying it.?

Paat said that she got the idea to include the voice recordings after she saw others gifting similar bears for Christmas to people who had lost a loved one.

To make the bears, Paat used a snippet from a tribute video Mendoza made for her father after he passed away last year. For Bates? bear, she asked her sister for a recording of their mother?s voice.

But Paat says one thing she didn?t plan on was the overwhelmingly positive responses she?s gotten after the video went viral.

?The reactions online were truly unexpected,? Paat said. ?I initially posted the video because we have mutual friends and I wanted to share the moment with them. I had also shown people my plan and they were already moved by it so they wanted to see my best friend?s reactions. When I saw so many other people were sharing the video and replying to it I was surprised but it was nice to read the sweet feedback that people gave me and how they would compare it to their feelings or similar experiences.?

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U.K. To Also Ban Large Electronics On Some Flights From Middle East, Africa

The threat of terrorism has prompted the United Kingdom to follow the United States? lead and ban passengers from having electronics larger than a cellphone in the cabin on U.K.-bound flights from certain countries, The Associated Press reports.

The ban will affect flights from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, according to a U.K. government spokesperson. 

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and the U.S. have in recent weeks discussed intelligence reports about intensifying terrorist threats to aviation, according to CNN.

?We have been in close touch with the Americans to fully understand their position,? the U.K. spokesperson said in a statement. ?Airlines affected are being informed of the new requirements.?

The policy affects certain British and foreign carriers: British Airways, EasyJet,, Monarch, Thomas Cook, Thomson, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airways, Atlas-Global Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian, Tunis Air and Saudia. 

The U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and Transportation have banned passengers on nine airlines operating in parts of North Africa and the Middle East from having laptops, tablets and other electronic devices in the cabins of flights to the U.S. According to the ban, which went into effect Tuesday morning, people can still travel with larger electronic items in checked baggage.

?Evaluated intelligence indicates that terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation, to include smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items,? the DHS said in a fact sheet released Tuesday. ?The record of terrorist attempts to destroy aircraft in flight is longstanding and well-known.?

The DHS noted that there?s no specific end date to the ban, and that it will remain in place ?until the threat changes.?

The U.S. regulation affects 10 airports in Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. U.S. officials said Monday that the ban stemmed from intelligence reports that terror groups have expressed interest in targeting U.S. aviation.

These airports were chosen ?based on the current threat picture,? the DHS sheet said.

Many of these airports, like those in Doha and Dubai, are major international travel hubs.

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U.S. lawmakers grill Yellen on interest rates, regulatory policy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican lawmakers on Wednesday criticized Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s stewardship of the U.S. economy and urged her to halt work on financial regulation until President Donald Trump names new policymakers to the central bank.

ASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican lawmakers on Wednesday criticized Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s stewardship of the U.S. economy and urged her to halt work on financial regulation until President Donald Trump names new policymakers to the central bank.

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How hackers could use doll to open your front door

As the National Cyber Security Centre opens, we discover how your smart devices could be a threat..
s the National Cyber Security Centre opens, we discover how your smart devices could be a threat.

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Women’s Rights under Attack in Iraq

An Iraqi woman walks back home to Basara, Iraq, as fires rage in the distance, April 2003 (Courtesy Reuters/Yannis Behrakis).

As the grim headlines from Iraq attest, the sectarian tensions that threatened to rip the country apart in the darkest…

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